About page

With a surge to be the best in the industry and to deliver the best service to the customers, we have been always concentrating on the various ways to study the behavioral aspects of customers and online shoppers. We keep doing an extensive study about the customers and design products and offers according to our customers’ preferences. This has given us an edge over the others and has proved to be very instrumental in procuring and retaining customers.

We have exclusive product categories specially designed to suit customers who are price-sensitive, quality sensitive, instant shoppers, trend lovers, experimental shoppers and any special type of new customers that could pop up in the market. The customers also find it a great experience to choose their category and shop glamorous.

Our online shopping portal has become the best and most searched for in the Internet and the best thing we have to our credit is that each time a customer enters our site, they check out with at least a single purchase. We consider this to be our greatest achievement in this competitive market. For procuring a new customer and to retain an existing customer in a world full of options and choices, one has to be really worthy and powerful, hence we believe that our products and our offers have really made a powerful impact on online shoppers.

We have a separate team who works out amazing product launches and loyalty programs along with attractive offers. This team also follows up with customers and studies their purchase habits. With this data they send personalized mail communications to keep them updated about the latest trends. Also we have a strong marketing team to promote our site and attract new customers. This way both customer procurement and customer retention is strengthened which forms the base of our success story.