Online Shoppers – Expectations

With online shopping penetrating into the lives of most of the shoppers around the world, the level of expectations with the thoroughly spread online shopping marts. There is no stop to customers wants and you can never findcustomer who says this is enough and I do not require any more offers. When this is the case, the only thing that can take the online shopping portals to the next level and more importantly straight into the hearts of the customers is to understand the various types of customers and their expectation levels and satisfy them in full style.

The top most expectations that a customer will have in his mind while shopping online are:

  • Best price
  • Best Product
  • Latest Trend
  • Instant Buyers
  • Shopping experience lovers


These five types of buyers are to be satisfied in the most appropriate manner. 

  • Shoppers looking for the best price:

These shoppers would always look out for the best price in the market. For this they go ahead to search different sites and compare the best prices. These price sensitive shoppers are not always on the look out for the lowest price, but they are keen on getting the best worth for their money. These types of customers are often tackled by offering them with extra worth for their price instead of reducing the prices or by shifting their price-centric focus to other areas like offering them multiple products as an offer package and by highlighting the benefits of the products and making them accept that the product is worth for the cost.

  • Shoppers looking for the best product:

These shoppers always make sure that they purchase the best product. For this they do an extensive research on the products and compare their features across sites. They never make any uninformed decision. They spend a good amount of quality time to ensure that the product best suits them. In order to satisfy such customers, online shopping portals can offer them a good resource of information about the products on sale. Also the customers can be offered with a good comparison about the various brands of products on Amazon coupon codes .

  • Shoppers looking forthe latest products:

These types of customers often keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the market. They keep adding on to their wardrobes with the latest and see this as a way to show that they are ever updated. They shop not since they are out of stock but since they want to replace their product with a new one. The best way to keep these customers engaged with the portals is to send them regular updates about new product launches and also offering them attractive offers.

  • Customers who wants to purchase instantly:

These types of customers are on the lookout to purchase products instantly. They purchase as and when a need arises. They just do a random search and purchase whatever they feel like purchasing. When considered to other types of customers, these customers do not do a lot of research or comparisons. Although they seem to be an easy target, they cannot be considered as loyal customers. So in order to satisfy such customers and at least hold them back for one complete purchase, they should be provided with easy checkout processes and guest checkout options.

  • Customers who love the shopping experience:

Shoppers who like to just experience a wonderful shopping feel and those who feel great to be treated as a valued customer fall under this category. Products, price and other factors fall aback when compared to the exclusive feel and customer satisfaction. They even tend to purchase for a brand value as well. It is relatively easy to satisfy and hold back such shoppers for future purchases too. Exclusive loyalty memberships and special subscription are the ways to give a feel-good experience.With all these types of customers, online portal owners would find it a really tough and challenging job to satisfy all of them to the core and offer products that would make them feel good and induce them to purchase more. One factor that would attract each and every type of customers is the incredible offers and interesting shopping coupons and payback schemes. These are offers that would definitely attract any customer whether new or existing to shop more and benefit more.